Opened October 1, enjoy lunch at Leo’s Place, the community meal site at the South Whidbey Center (Bayview) location.

Leo’s Place is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday with lunch served from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm.   Click here to see what is being served. 



You’re sitting at home by yourself, thinking, “How nice it would be to share a meal with someone and eat something I don’t feel like cooking myself.” – Ever felt that way? Most of us have.

Leo’s Place is the community meal site at Island Senior Resources in Bayview. The focus is on the word community.  It’s a place where people of any age may come to eat and share a nutritious meal with your community neighbors who are there to be with others. People are raving about the food, so don’t think it’s institutional fare. The daily menu is available at  Come regularly to try main dishes like Turkey with blueberry chipotle, Salmon with lemon sauce, beef and broccoli with fried rice, or sides like broccoli salad with cranberries, southwest corn salad, or cucumber pepper salad.

Leo’s Place is more than just another restaurant. It is dining with a purpose.  Leo’s Place is named in honor of Leo Baldwin who regularly ate at the Island Senior Resources’ community meal sites at Brookhaven and Bayview, for twelve years.  He believed in community.  He loved village life. He brought his gentle smile, quick wit, and wisdom to the table. He believed in sharing meals to bring people together. Leo believed in what he called the village essentials: 

  • Find your place and fully inhabit it.
  • Greet and meet and pause for story.   
  • Invite diversity among acquaintances and friends.
  • Come to the table, eat in companionship, savor and linger.
  • Contribute generously from what you have learned along life’s way.
  • Practice your values and your moral code.
  • Live so that you die in the arms of community.

That’s what Leo’s place is all about. Leo’s Place is your place. Come and eat and be together. You belong here.

Leo’s Place is located at Island Senior Resources (Bayview) 14594 SR 525 Langley.

Meals are served Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 11:45 – 12:30.  Meals can also be ordered for take-out by calling 360-321-1600.

The suggested donation is $6 per meal.  Meals can be paid for online on the Meal-a-Month page of the Island Senior Resources’ website at or with cash or check on the day you come to eat.