Our mission is to provide resources that enhance the emotional, social, and physical well-being of seniors, adults with disabilities, and those who care for them.

Statewide Health Insurance Benefits Advisors (SHIBA)

SHIBA is a state-funded program sponsored by Island Senior Resources, under the guidance of the Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner


Do you need help understanding Medicare?

We can help you learn the rules of Medicare for yourself or a loved one. Trained volunteers provide objective information about Medicare and other medical options in individual consultations by phone or email and Zoom classes.

  • Information on enrollment, costs and benefits, prescription coverage, low-income assistance
  • Unbiased and confidential
  • SHIBA volunteers do not choose plans for you, you choose!
  • No house-calls
  • Webinars take place regularly; Call to inquire for upcoming dates


  • Anyone eligible for or currently enrolled in Medicare
  • Anyone who needs to know more about Medicare and related programs


  • Free; however, donations are always appreciated.


Getting Ready for Medicare

If you are going on Medicare and/or are wanting to know more about Medicare, attend a “Getting Ready for Medicare” seminar on Zoom, offered by SHIBA (Statewide Health Insurance Benefits Advisors) volunteers.  Counselors will answer brief questions following the seminars. Seminars run 1 -1.5 hours.  Be sure to register.

Information will be provided about:  

  • “Basic” Medicare benefits 
  • Options for additional insurance(s)
  • Medicare parts A and B The differences between “Medigap” (supplemental) insurance and Advantage plans
  • Benefits and rates 
  • Information on financial assistance for qualifying low-income individuals
  • Prescription drug plans. (If you want help with your drug plan, we will tell you how to get it). 

Register in advance for the online session you want to attend. 

Medicare 2022

Medicare’s open enrollment runs Oct. 15 – Dec. 7. This workshop will concentrate on the changes for 2022 that affect us on Whidbey Island.  ​It is important to have the latest information regarding Medicare Part D drug plans and/or Medicare Advantage plans for 2022.  Since costs and benefits often change each year, ​it is vital that everyone is in the plan that best meets their needs ​at the least cost. 

Register in advance for the online session you want to attend. 

View the online calendar to find the event you want to attend.

Using Medicare’s Planfinder

This class focuses on how to use Medicare’s Planfinder so you can find the best drug plan and/or Medicare Advantage plan that meets your needs.  We will cover how to find much of the ‘hidden’ information as well as information about the supplement plans.  We will also share how to find the information you are looking for.

Register in advance for the online session you want to attend. 

Contact Us

Contact us to schedule a phone consultation or help in registering for a webinar. Call 360-321-1600, 360-678-3373 ext 0, or send an online request.

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