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In addition to the resources and services provided by Senior Resources, we often come across a number of other helpful resources that we feel would be of interest; hopefully, the following information shines a light of inspiration and information to help you navigate today and tomorrow.

Inclusion of the information on this page does not constitute an endorsement of an organization, agency, or service. Exclusion does not constitute lack of endorsement. Island Senior Resources offers a variety of objective information and resources for you to explore.

Postings and Information We Want To Share With You

Seniors Traveling Solo: Some Great Solutions

Caregiver Tips for Traveling with the Elderly

Air Travel Information for Seniors and Disabled Adults

Tips for Physically Challenged Travelers

Can You Age in Place in Your Home?

How to Age Well and Stay in Your Home

The Power of Music: Sounds That Heal

How Music Reaches Those with Memory Issues

Keep Your Brain Young with Music

25 Best Budget Recipes from Cooking Light

14 Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day with Your Senior Loved One

Where to Report Fraud or Financial Exploitation

5 Ways to Get Better at Asking for Help

How to Ask for Help as a Caregiver of Elderly Family or Friends

5 Ways Giving is Good for You

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Seniors guide to healthy eating

26 inexpensive, easy meals for winter

The benefits of volunteering as a senior

Online safety for seniors: a comprehensive guide to keeping seniors safe online

Aging Without Family:  The 5 stages of self-care seniors should know

Transition Issues for the Elderly and Their Families:  Empowering families and seniors through changes

Things You Should Never Say to Patients or Caregivers:  How to speak supportively

Seasons of Change:  Life after loss or injury

110 Activities for Seniors

Live Your Best Life: Build Your Bucket List

Common Sense Ideas for Thriving After 50

Keeping People with Dementia Active: Why Activity Matters

Volunteering and its Surprising Benefits

14 Ways to Help Seniors Avoid Isolation

A Senior’s Guide to Computer Basics

Learning a New Skill Works Best to Keep Your Brain Sharp

Why Play is Important for Seniors and How to Do More of It

The Surprising Benefits of Puzzle Solving for Seniors

Large Print Crossword Puzzles for Seniors

Easy Card Games for Seniors

Aging in Place

Benefits of Adult Day Programs

The Importance of Social Interaction for Older Adults

Three “Brain Games” Websites for Keeping Older Minds Sharp

10 Ways to Deepen Your Connections with Others

Why a Village? How to build your village and what is world village consciousness

How social Connections Keep Seniors Healthy

For Caregivers: The Importance of Relationship Building for Senior Health

Yoga for Seniors

50 Great Self-Nurturing Ideas

Love the Life You Live, Live the Life You Love (thank you Bob Marley)

Seven Steps to Nurturing your Inner Self

8 simple Ways to Nurture Your Most Important Relationships

7 Keys to Healthy Aging

Positive Attitudes About Aging May be a “Fountain of Youth”

Positive thinking: Attitude to aging is the key to optimal health

Healthy Sleeping for Seniors 

Check out classes and events at Sno-Isle Libraries

7 Ways to Keep your Memory Sharp at any Age

How to Keep an Open Mind

Ways for seniors and retirees to make extra money

Volunteer abroad opportunities for seniors and retirees

Have you ever thought about taking a gap year?

A simple guide to preserving family stories

Making family stories come to life

Stories of those who have acted to make a difference for this world

A simple tale of happiness and the joy of giving

Beach walking

There are numerous health benefits of walking on the beach. Read more and find details on the great beaches of Whidbey Island.

Shopping Local. Farmers Markets

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