Calling Local Artists, Artisans, and Creative Souls!

We have an excess of aluminum walkers in our Medical Equipment Lending Libraries that serve an essential function, but folks consider them unattractive and not as functional as they could be.

We have an idea to change that with your help! “WALKER ART”!

Let’s turn walkers into functional pieces of artwork, stage them in public buildings around Island County, and then auction them off to support our programs!

Would you like to contribute your time and materials to turn a walker into a piece of art before Thanksgiving?

  • Each piece of WALKER ART must remain safe, usable, collapsible, and the decoration long-lasting.
  • Simple and colorful decorations are fine.
  • You may add a decorative carryall to the front or side crossbar if it doesn’t disrupt function, as our clients often ask for these.

We will promote each piece with the artist’s name and bio unless you want to remain anonymous. All auction proceeds will support ISR’s programs for seniors, with the sold value recorded as an in-kind donation from you.

If you are inspired and interested, email before September 30. We need at least six pieces of WALKER ART to proceed (we have at least 20 walkers). We will let you know when we have enough artists willing to help. The aluminum walkers will then be available for pickup in Bayview, Freeland, or Oak Harbor (or we can arrange to get them to you). The deadline for submission would be 4 p.m. on Wednesday, November 22.

Senior artists, artisans, and creative souls aged 55+ are strongly encouraged to consider volunteering their creativity. We can provide a 30% discount at Senior Thrift in Freeland for any WALKER ART supplies. If that’s of interest, please include that in your email, and we can arrange a coupon.

Please help us bring some joy to the aging process with beautiful WALKER ART!