Tips for Seniors:  Medical Alert Devices

by Glenda Cantrell*                                                          

Most medical alert “buttons” connect you with a third party that answers your call and then sends you to a friend or neighbor to assess if you are having an emergency before 911 is called. They charge a monthly fee for this service. The device has to be charged every 24 hours and can only be used within a limited perimeter. I started thinking, “There must be a better way!” and I found it. It is called “911 Help Now” and is available on You pay for the device one time with no monthly fee. It is AA battery-operated, so there is no frequent charging and no distance perimeter limitation. Best of all, if you activate it in an emergency, it contacts 911 immediately. Frankly, if I have a real emergency, I want the paramedics to come first, not a friend or family member! Best of all, it works anywhere in the nation with emergency 911. It is excellent for low-income seniors because there is no monthly fee. I recently broke my femur, and it was a lifesaver!

* Glenda Cantrell is a Certified Life Coach, author of “Glenda’s Recipes: How I Reversed My Diabetes with Diet and No Medication,” and a consultant with 36 meal plans for various health needs. Tips for Seniorsoffers information she has found on her journey to wellness. She is not a doctor, nutritionist, or dietician. These tips are shared from her personal experience. For more information, contact or 360-720-2955.