Tips for Seniors: Marvelous Microwave Cookware

by Glenda Cantrell* 

Here are two helpful products anyone can use. I am in a wheelchair, so they certainly make my life easier and safer. First is the Panasonic Countertop Commercial Microwave Oven(1000 w). Most microwaves have a turntable which can be annoying and even dangerous. When removing a pot with boiling liquid, the turntable can twist, slip and come off the track. This microwave has a “bottom energy feed system” with no turntable and no need to turn the food while cooking. It also has Braille numbers if you need them. It is a more expensive commercial machine (made for Minimarts and similar stores), but well worth it for my safety and yours.

The second is, The ‘Lekue’ Microwave Rice, Grain, & Quinoa Cooker. It also works for cooking veggies, pasta, and more. I get so tired of cleaning up my microwave after a pot boils over, leaving sticky goo everywhere. This pot is the answer! This inexpensive item has a rimmed lid with holes, so when the liquid boils up it is contained and doesn’t overflow. When you are finished cooking, turn the lid over and it becomes a pouring colander. It is made of a rubber-like substance that is light and relatively cool to the touch. I no longer worry about dumping scalding liquid into my lap!

Both these items make my cooking experience easier and can be found online on Amazon and other suppliers.                             

* Glenda Cantrell is a Certified Life Coach, author of “Glenda’s Recipes: How I Reversed My Diabetes with Diet and No Medication,” and a consultant with 36 meal plans for various health needs. Tips for Seniors” offers information she has found on her journey to wellness. She is not a doctor, nutritionist, or dietician. These tips are shared from her personal experience. For more information, contact or 360-720-2955.