Tips for Seniors – Make Medicare Sign-up Easy

by Glenda Cantrell*

If you are new to Medicare, looking for supplemental Insurance, or want to switch to a new plan, ISR has free consultants through the SHIBA program (Statewide Health Insurance Benefits Advisors) who will help you understand what plans are available to you. Call 360-321-1600 to arrange a consultation or attend a free Welcome to Medicare seminar (see the calendar at to register for the next class).

Once SHIBA has helped you narrow the options, an insurance broker will help you select and sign up for the best policy. (They receive payment from the companies they represent, never from you as a client). You don’t need to call multiple insurers yourself or be frustrated by never reaching the same person twice, or worse, never getting the same information twice. They do that for you. So, contact several brokers, with no obligation, to see which one might be a match for you. Remember, brokers are free to those they help. If you need more information on my experience or who I use, please contact me!                                          

* Glenda Cantrell is a Certified Life Coach, author of “Glenda’s Recipes: How I Reversed My Diabetes with Diet and No Medication,” and a consultant with 36 meal plans for various health needs. Tips for Seniors” offers information she has found on her journey to wellness. She is not a doctor, nutritionist, or dietician. These tips are shared from her personal experience. For more information, contact or 360-720-2955.