Thoughts for Today

By Robin Bush – ISR Communications

“We know two things with absolute certainty: 1) that in twenty years, even ten, our world will look very different and 2) that the decisions and actions we take today will significantly shape our emergent future.” – Eric Young

Challenges are not fixed in time. They transform. By the time they arrive, the destination has changed. We may think we need a specific road map to where we are going, how we will get there, and how we will know when we have arrived; when clear, specific goals with clarity, specificity, and measurability may limit our options, giving us tunnel vision. Problem-solving may mean realizing we may not know enough to set the end-point and that it requires sharing our vision with others. We can’t control the outcome; we are explorers, looking for the balance of knowledge and experience that leads us toward not to a solution. We are moving forward together toward an outcome and not knowing exactly where, precisely, and concretely where we are going. Often, we are just getting to maybe, and the journey continues.

(inspired by Getting to Maybe:  How the World is Changed by Wesley, Zimmerman, and Patton)