The Season of Gratitude

by Sno Isle Libraries

In the season of thankfulness, the library provides many things to be grateful for. Like the never-ending pages of a great novel — each chapter of library resources and services brings a new surprise of gratitude! Let’s dive into the treasure trove that your local libraries offer.

Silver Screen Gratitude – DVDs and Streaming
Movies capture moments, emotions, and tales that resonate with our souls. Whether you’re revisiting a classic or discovering a new favorite, every film is a chance to be grateful for stories that touch our hearts and spark our imaginations.

A Chance for Connection – Music Appreciation Events and More
Live music sessions at the library are a symphony of gratitude. Each note played is a testament to the power of community and shared experiences. Enjoy “An Afternoon with Oyster Bay Trio” for a mix of country, light jazz, and folk rock (Dec. 2 at the Coupeville Library). Beyond music, an array of events, from board games (Nov. 4 at the Clinton Library) to Medicare enrollment workshops (Nov. 18 at the Freeland Library), exemplify the library’s role as a nurturing space for all.

Pages of Thanks – Book Sales
One can truly appreciate the wonder of a book, especially when it comes at a discounted price. Every Friends of the Library book sale (first Saturdays at the Freeland Library) offers treasures at a fraction of their original cost. As you hold a novel, think of the many hands it might have passed through, each reader leaving a trace of their journey. Plus, buying from a library book sale means you’re supporting your community library.

Embracing New Experiences – Drop-in Tech Help
Thankfulness often blossoms when we embrace new experiences. The Freeland Library’s tech help sessions every Thursday are a bridge to understanding. It’s more than assistance; it’s a kind-hearted gesture reminding us that learning has no age limit.

A Digital Journey of Gratitude
Navigating through the library’s digital resources is akin to a modern-day adventure. Each eBook, article, and online event offers a new perspective, a new story, and a new reason to be thankful for the vast knowledge at our fingertips.

Crafting Memories – DIY Holiday Gifts
The library’s collection about DIY crafts and holiday gifts is a testament to the joy of giving. Crafting a handmade gift is about the love, thought, and gratitude woven into every stitch and brushstroke. Try Creativebug, a new online crafting resource featuring video tutorials and projects at Topics include drawing, painting, sewing, knitting, crocheting, quilting, baking, and more, with downloadable patterns, templates, and recipes.

Culinary Gratitude – Cookbooks
Food is an expression of love and culture to be shared with loved ones. With every recipe tried out from the library’s extensive cookbook collection, there’s an underlying story, a legacy, and a heartfelt thank you to the generations that have passed down culinary wisdom.

Sno-Isle Libraries is grateful for each library customer who visits our library or website. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to serve our wonderful communities. To learn more about the services and resources offered by Sno-Isle Libraries, visit or speak to a librarian at your local library.