Random Acts of Kindness

by Cheryn Weiser

On my return from a trip to Oak Harbor, I stopped by Prairie Market in Coupeville to see if there were any remaining tomato starts to snap up and send to my container pots near my house. I was in luck; their close-out on tomato starts rendered me eight starts. While I stood near the rack choosing the little starts, a man came up next to me and looked at the larger tomato plants next to the starts. He said, “I wonder if I could use one of these in a hanging basket that would keep them away from the deer.” Having raised tomatoes over the last 40+ years, I commented that I thought he could and that a way to help them along in a hanging basket would be to pinch back new growth so the plant became more bushy and able to support itself as it began to trail over the pot. He thanked me for the advice and proceeded to purchase the plant.

After leaving Prairie Market, I headed for Prairie Perks to get an iced latte before returning to Freeland. As I prepared to pay for the drink, the barista said, “Your drink is paid for. The man at the other window said that you had helped him with advice about his tomato plant.”

In a world where we are often bombarded with a sense of fear and concern about where we are and what might happen to us, I wonder if we have forgotten about little random acts of kindness. I know it means a lot to me when I receive a thank you or other sweet gesture from another person in our community. I bet the same thing is true for you!

Make a pledge to yourself and our community to engage in a random act of kindness each week or daily if you prefer. We will all be better for it!