New Paths

by Robin Bush

ISR Communications

Many of us are looking for new ways to engage or re-engage post-COVID. New activities help you expand your social network and maintain your health. We suggest you listen to the podcast “70 Over 70” to hear inspiring voices speak about what being over 70 has meant to them. The common theme is engaging in meaningful activities that energize them mentally and physically.   It’s time to seek adventure, knowledge, and inspiration.

Explore. Experiencing a different culture is an adventure that will stretch you to think in new ways and understand new perspectives. Is international travel beyond your physical capability or your financial means? Try day trips and see if you can meet a new friend in each new place. They could become your next travel buddy. And remember, nature is a tonic. Nature shows you examples of resilience, adaptation, and success everywhere you look. Think about what you see and ask yourself, “How can I model that in my life?”  If mobility is an issue, you can still “travel from home” through virtual travel online, which will engage your sense of wonder and creativity. National parks like Yellowstone and Yosemite offer online virtual tours, as do the British Museum and the National Gallery of Art.

Learn. Learn to express yourself in new ways. For example, take an art class but don’t expect to produce a masterpiece; just paint for fun. Or maybe you love to tell stories. Try writing one memoir piece each month and find pictures that help to tell your story. You will be helping others by sharing the wisdom you gained through life’s lessons.

Give. Everyone has knowledge and valuable experience to give. Perhaps your gift is to become a reading mentor at the elementary school or offer a computer class for seniors. Or maybe you’d like to have more interaction with other aging adults. Try delivering Meal son Wheels or driving for medical transportation for ISR. Whatever you choose, you will deepen your sense of having a purpose.

Mix it up. Maybe do some of each – a bit of exploring, learning something new, and giving some time to others. Then join MeetUp, the online place to find events near you. Go to ISR is offering dementia-friendly MeetUp events for caregivers and care receivers at  Upcoming events | MeetUp for Caregivers, Care Receivers, Friends & Neighbors. (Langley, WA) | Meetup and you can list your own MeetUp events on MeetUp too. Search any topic and location and see how much you can join in-person and online.