Katheryn Howell – Director of Community Programs at Island Senior Resources

Welcome Katheryn! Katheryn is filling a new role at ISR to lead our programs and services for seniors, adults with disabilities, and those who care for them in Island County. She will also become a voice for ISR with the community and our partners to raise community awareness and improve access to services.
As ISR faces forward from our past 50 years of services, we are focusing on sustainability, further integration of our programs, strengthening existing partnerships, and building new collaborations in service of our mission. Katheryn is here to help navigate us along that path.
Katheryn is a leader with a deep history in establishing best practices that will advance the capabilities of ISR programs and services. She believes, “Sometimes, people just need one more person that cares about them to make a difference.” She has successfully directed programs and led teams for both nonprofit and for-profit businesses, serving The Puget Sound community for over 20 years. She is the perfect fit for serving our community with a background in human services, community-based program development, and improving client experiences with healthcare delivery. She’s laser-focused on who and what matters. We are all in good hands with Katheryn by our side.