ISR introduces MEET UP

Ever since the start of COVID, ISR has recognized everyone’s need for connection, and we are working to create new opportunities.

Introducing MEET UP.  MEET UP is a long-established social media platform for in-person and virtual activities for those 18 and over.  You can meet people, make friends, find support, join a group, or find an event to attend.  You can create an account, but you don’t need to; just go directly to ISR’s page and see what we have listed at:  Our most recently listed events are caregiver/care receiver gatherings and lunches at our community meal sites that offer dementia-friendly, neurodiverse gatherings, conversation, and support.  Everyone is welcome.

Are you looking for activities on a different topic?  From our page, just type in your interest in the search bar at the top and the location you’re curious about, and all the related activities appear.

If you do log in you can create your own MEET UP events too.  Are you planning an outdoor walk or starting a knitting circle?  List it on MEET UP and encourage others to do the same.  It’s such an easy way to bring connection back into your life.

For more information about any of our MEET UP events call 360-321-1600, 360-678-3373, or 360-387-6201.