I’m Learning How to Prevent Falling

by Robin Bush, ISR Communications

Eight years ago, I fell slipping on our outdoor stairs. Down I went, hitting my back on the stairs and landing on my hip. I was fine one moment and down on the ground in excruciating pain the next.   I was incredibly fortunate that my back and hip didn’t break. As the years passed and my bone density decreased, I realized it was unlikely I’d be so lucky if I had another fall like that.

I believe in being proactive in caring for my health as I know what a critical role it plays in my longevity, so I knew it was time to take action. I found a great answer.

WhidbeyHealth EMS offers a fall prevention class on Zoom called SAIL (Stay Active and Independent for Life). It combines fall prevention strategies with strength, balance, and aerobic exercise. SAIL runs twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays at two times each of those days. SAIL is led by uplifting, knowledgeable, encouraging, and understanding instructors who adapt the exercises for each participant according to their various movement limitations. It’s been an ideal answer and an essential supplement to my daily walking program. The class is free as it is currently funded by a grant.

SAIL has helped me understand how weak my balance and coordination have become, but I can already see improvement in just a few weeks. I’m stronger, healthier, more balanced, and much safer, thanks to SAIL. Next time I get off balance, I will have trained my body how to respond so I don’t end up on the floor, and most likely in the hospital, followed by a lengthy recuperation. 

Senior falls are the #1 most preventable cause of injury, disability, and even death to those 65+. Don’t let yourself “fall” into that category. Come SAIL with us.

For more information on the class or to register, email mayrob@whidbeyhealth.org.