I Am Grateful

by June Nailon, ISR Board President

My eyesight is dimming. My joints ache. I talk about my health and medical issues in regular conversation with others, which I swore in my younger years never to do. I walk into a room and forget why I’m there. I am now my parents. I am aging. I am a senior person. Unless we are gone early, most of us will find ourselves aging. It’s part of life. I’m grateful for aging. I have time to talk and visit with friends. I have time to walk my dog. I can sit and read a book all afternoon if I want. I even have time to volunteer at Island Senior Resources. Yes, I am grateful. I am full of gratitude for my blessings and for my new island home.  As a board member for ISR, I see that life is difficult for many in our Island County community. Wonderful seniors live silent, painful lives without family and or adequate funds. They choose between heat or food, a leaky roof, or medical care, and so it goes.  They silently live without anyone knowing of their needs.  They are too proud to ask.  They don’t want to bother anyone. Thank goodness for ISR, which can provide a ride, a warm meal, and assistance with the many issues and resources needed as we age. I am on my way off the board as I reach the six-year mark, but I have learned much about our aging islanders and appreciate the work done by ISR’s employees and volunteers. I am grateful to those donors who give much-needed funds to support the ongoing work of ISR. I have never found a group of people with more compassion for their fellow citizens than those engaged in ISR’s business. I am grateful for these last six years of getting to know and be part of this amazing organization. I am grateful I am aging in Island County, where there is an ISR that offers me and others so much support and compassion. Be sure to go to ISR’s website to see how ISR can help you and see how you can help them support these beautiful seniors on these beautiful islands!