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Join a Book Group

Reading may be a solitary activity, but we often enjoy discussing the stories, information, or concepts we have read about with others. Book groups provide a welcoming social setting for friends, neighbors, and community members to connect and share their love of literature.

Library book groups: online and in-person

Sno-Isle Libraries offer book groups focused on a variety of subjects, genres, and interests, like gardening, science fiction, cookbooks, mysteries, nonfiction, and more. Peruse the reading lists for existing book groups at and click on Library Book Club Picks.

To sign up for scheduled discussion groups, select Find a Library Book Group. Groups generally meet on a monthly basis.  

Book Discussion Kits

Are you thinking about starting your own book group? Or maybe you have an existing group that could use some suggestions for books to read and/or topics. Either way, our handy book kits could be just what you need. Sno-Isle Libraries and the Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation are proud to offer hundreds of Book Discussion Kits in a variety of genres and topics available for checkout.

Each book kit includes 10 copies of a single title. Resources for book discussions are available online or in some editions of the books. To browse available books and discussion resources, visit You can search for kits based on genre, availability, and a variety of other descriptors like underrepresented authors, not so grim, and short (less than 250 pages).

Share your love of reading and connect with literature-loving friends by participating in a Library book discussion group or organizing your own.

To learn more about Sno-Isle Libraries Book Groups and Book Discussion Kits, visit or speak to a librarian at your local library.