By Robin Bush, ISR Communications

Brio, defined as “enthusiastic vigor,” may be one factor in making your tomorrow just a little bit brighter and you a bit less fragile. So how do you find your Brio? You make it for yourself — by lifting weights. “Oh No,” you say, “I can’t do that,” or “I can’t get to a gym,” or “That’s for young people,” or a host of other reasons not to. Almost anyone can lift a little weight and gain strength that builds vigor and bone strength at home for free.

You don’t need to buy weights; you can start with just your body weight. Then move to using everyday household items to lift with your arms or place on your legs or belly to increase resistance. One of the best is a gallon bottle. Filled with water, it weighs 8.35 pounds, but you can start slowly by adding a cup or two of water and adding more liquid as you gain strength. Slow, steady, daily lifting is key to building the strength that will make it possible for you to do many things you dream of doing.

Before beginning new exercises, consult with your doctor for guidance on what’s best for you. Then consider getting some basic coaching. There are many online fitness classes, but be sure to pick one for seniors with an instructor who understands that older bodies need to stretch and move slowly to avoid injury. You may wish to try the classes for older adult fitness at Just click on “View all classes” to see all the choices. Or, if you prefer in-person learning, for a fee, you can get some training guidance from one of the many local fitness studios specializing in yoga, tai-chi, or weight training.

Age is not a factor, and everyone has some limitations on what they can do, but work with what you’ve got. It’s never too late to start a program to increase mobility, strength, and power. Get your Brio going!