The Circle of Giving and Receiving

by Debbie Metz, ISR Nutrition Director

Duane is a long-time friend of ISR. He and his wife used to come to the center to dance and listen to the “Fun Band.”   About eight years ago, his wife was diagnosed with MS.  When she couldn’t walk any longer, he chose to sign up for Meals on Wheels since he spends most of his time caregiving for her, doesn’t have time to shop, and doesn’t cook. He also hired a caregiver he found through the ISR Preferred Providers List who helps him out occasionally. They receive delivered meals two times a week and love the program. He said it’s a lifesaver and helps him, his wife, and the caregiver.

He arrived at our Bayview offices recently and wanted to talk in my office. He pulled out a pocketful of bills and coins to donate. He then told me his story.

Spending much of his time at home these past years, he started felting with wool and enjoys it very much. He began accumulating many pieces of art and started giving them away as gifts. This summer, his caregiver’s daughter said, “Duane, what if you bring some to my workplace? I’ll see if we can have people donate to a cause instead of paying for them.”  Duane chose Meals on Wheels as the charity/cause.

People love the idea and have been donating at Hanson’s and Jupiter Coffee (south Whidbey), where the items are on display. He has come in several times to Bayview and has donated over $400, and he said it will keep coming!

How amazing and wonderful! We are fortunate to have so many in our community who share gifts to help our seniors.