30 Common Credit Scams: A Guide for Financially Vulnerable Adults

By Harry Mariano – Digital Relations Consultant

Unfortunately, seniors are some of the most vulnerable people to financial scams. Criminals target these individuals because it’s often assumed that older people have more money and less technical understanding needed to avoid falling victim.

That’s why older adults must be equipped with the tools to defend themselves against opportunistic scammers. It’s essential to understand the types of scams commonly occurring so you know the signs to look out for. Scamming techniques constantly evolve as criminals find new ways to exploit us financially. From fraudulent sweepstakes to threatening cold calls, more methods are being deployed than ever before.

If you’re looking to educate yourself or a senior family member, the informative guide at 30 Credit Card Scams To Watch Out For, produced by Upgraded Points, is a helpful resource to turn to. It shines a light on the most common scams that criminals are using today and includes plenty of valuable advice on how to prevent falling victim and how to recover if you are targeted.

Although it can seem overwhelming, the best way to protect yourself is by learning about the scams and the things you can control to best guard against them. We never like to think about the worst-case scenario, but this useful guide can help ensure that it never becomes a reality.

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