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Time Together @ Home Program

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The in-person Time Together Adult Day program is currently closed. Please consider attending the Time Together @ Home online event.

If you, your family member, friend or neighbor would benefit from more engagement and socialization, or you know a family caregiver that could use a break from caregiving, contact Mel Watson.  Mel’s contact information is phone 360-321-1623 and email

Additional Information

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Have you ever wondered what Time Together is all about? Check out this video for a glimpse into this incredibly joyful program.

Meet Me

I’m “Peter.” My dad is 56 and has early onset Alzheimer’s. I dropped out of college to care for him. He and I are all the family we have. He cared for me when I was young, now it’s my turn to care for him. His favorite things are to sing and go for walks. I can’t leave him for even a few minutes though. If I do, he walks out the door alone and is not be able to find his way back. If I take him on errands I hold his hand or he’ll walk off with anyone. I never had a break 24/7 until I found Time Together. Now he attends three days a week. I’m happy knowing he’s happy and safe there. His days are filled with music, exercise, laughter, and friends. I get four hours each time he’s at Time Together to go for a run and do errands. The staff at Time Together taught me that by taking care of myself, I can take better care of him.

Our Team

mel watson

Mel Watson – Director
Phone : (360) 321-1623
Email :

Born in the United Kingdom and growing up in Australia, Mel has over 25 years of experience in leadership for project management as an international independent musician. She has collaborated with numerous, non-profits and has collaborated on professional works in music and dance for people with special needs. Mel has been a caregiver to family members and has been serving participants and their families at Time Together Adult Day Services since 2013. Mel has a deep respect for all people, and is committed to offering high quality meaningful programming, honoring the participants, their families and the community that she serves, by being present to their needs and wishes. Mel proudly continues the almost 20 year legacy of care that Time Together Adult Day Services has provided to caregivers and their families. Mel is a Buddhist meditation practitioner and has been teaching meditation in Seattle, and on Whidbey Island for over 10 years. She lives on Whidbey Island with her spouse, and their menagerie of feathered and furry family members.

Melanie Lowey

Melanie Lowey – Program Coordinator
Melanie brings to the table years of experience as an adult and youth theater director, and is a trained actor and singer. She has enjoyed similar work with special needs youth in a day program in Illinois. She finds this work – assisting and honoring elders with needs, as well as their caregivers – personally meaningful, as she has struggled in her family life with Alzheimer’s. Melanie’s commitment to offering meaningful, thoughtful engagement at Time Together is palpable, her positive energy gives an infectious joy to those she serves. Melanie lives on Whidbey Island with her dog, Quentin Tiberius. She enjoys classical and modern music, opera, theater, literature, dance, comedy, animals and nature.

Patrice Lunn

Patrice Lunn – Activity Coordinator/Support
Patrice worked as a High School Life Sciences teacher for 9 years, and as a caregiver in a Memory Care Unit in Florida for people with profound dementia for the past 5 years. Patrice brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to Time Together, and shares her authentically artistic and creative self with Participants, Staff and Volunteers helping to enhance the Time Together environment of being present with love, respect and care. Patrice grew up in England and loves to garden, sculpt and draw. Learning from elders, and spending quality time with them is one of her passions. She loves to walk in the woods with her dog, and watch the sunset over the water, and is thrilled every time she sees the mountains. Being a part of the Island community gives her a deep feeling of gratitude.


Joni Takanikos – Activity Coordinator/ Support
Joni has been a resident of Whidbey Island for over twenty years. She has worn many hats with one of her most recent as a Community Connector for an adult with autism. Joni is a writer, and has written articles for an online Community Inclusion Newsletter and writes a blog for Whidbey Life Magazine. Joni’s energy and presence is a stabilizing force at Time Together, with Participants, Staff and Volunteers all benefiting from her positive and grounded energy. In addition, Joni teaches yoga, performs music and poetry, gardens and loves being part of the supportive Whidbey Island community.

Janis Powell -Activity Coordinator/Support

Janis comes to the Time Together Program with a background including Program Manager for Service Alternatives of Washington State, Activities Director at Summerhill Retirement Community, and as Business Manager at The Whidbey Playhouse. Janis has developed individual programs and opportunities for growth for clients with physical and developmental needs, with people that have memory issues, and with stroke and seizure disorders.

Janis has been associated with the Oak Harbor Senior Center for much of her life. The center provided space for dances, family gatherings and a robust travel offering. Janis drove many outings to Eastern Washington, wine tours, visits to Canada, and her much sought-after Christmas Lights tours. Janis has driven bus in her role as Activities Director for a Senior Living facility, and for the school district. Whidbey Island was the best place to grow up, riding horseback, whether on the beach or roaming the hills; she enjoyed shellfish harvesting at low tide in the fog; going to the mountain for camping, and various fishing outings.

Janis grew up in rural San de Fuca and understands the family values and responsibilities that are ingrained in our island culture. Janis is an active member of Rotary and Toastmasters.

Sydney Coughlin – Program Coordinator

Born in Pensacola Florida, the daughter of a Naval Officer, Sydney traveled the world before finally calling Oak Harbor, Washington her home in 2009 at the age of 16.  She attended Oak Harbor High School and graduated with the class of 2011. Her senior year, she participated in the Medical Internship, and graduated with the qualifications for her certified nursing assistant license.

The summer following graduation Sydney accepted her first job as a specialized Dementia and Alzheimer caregiver at Home Place of Oak Harbor. After 2 years of caregiving, Sydney was promoted to the Life Enrichment Activity Coordinator of Home Place. She was solely responsible to implement and execute daily enriching activities that provided a sense of excitement and purpose to the everyday life of residents’. Following her job as the Life Enrichment Activity Director, Sydney broadened her experience by accepting a position as a home care aide with autistic children.

Sydney is an avid artist and gardener, she spends her free time painting with acrylics, or growing plants and vegetables in her home. She is a rescue mother of a three-year-old German Shepherd, who stole her heart without speaking a word. Sydney enjoys taking him on hikes, and trips to the beach to swim.

Sydney, a naturally compassionate, caring human being who strives to brighten the days of those around her. Sydney’s background with mental illness and developmental disabilities has provided her with the skills and resources to thrive in this atmosphere.