Robin Bush

Communications Strategist

Robin leads the strategy, branding, messaging, writing, and delivery of ISR communications across the organization’s website, eNews, social media, and print channels to reach community members throughout ISR’s Island County service area. Robin works with our Development team and senior program staff to communicate the intersection of client, donor, and organizational needs. She is also a writer for grant applications and designs promotional campaigns. ISR relies on her to craft language that marries the message with the audience’s needs to achieve the intended outcome. She is skilled at asking the right questions and viewing options through various lenses to optimize effectiveness.

Robin has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, an Associate of Arts from Franklin University – Lugano, Switzerland, and certifications in German Studies from the University of Salzburg-Austria and Nikon School of Photography.

Robin’s experience includes a more than 25-year career in media production (film, video, magazine, newspaper). She has also been on a National Graphic design team for product marketing and has owned and managed an international environmental documentary production company and a strategic communications firm. In addition, she has taught at the Brooks School of Photography and won multiple national and international awards for her still photography and video productions. She has spent over 1,000 hours photographing underwater.