Jill Johnson

Ex Officio Board Member

Commissioner Jill Johnson is serving her third term as Island County Commissioner and is currently the Chair of the Board. Jill graduated from Oak Harbor High School and went on to earn a degree in Communications and Economics from Central Washington University and an Executive Leadership Certification from the Professional Development Academy of the National Association of Counties. Jill serves on a number of county committees including the Northwest Regional Council on Aging and Disability, the North Sound Behavioral Health Administrative Service Organization and the Washington Counties Risk Pool. She is also a member of the Ruckelshaus Center’s Behavioral Health Framework Workgroup, as well as a member of Washington State’s Behavioral Health Coordination Committee

Jill is married to Alex Pfeiffer a local Realtor. The couple have no children, yet find themselves with car seats in all of their cars…something they describe as a joyful mystery of small town life.