A New Era Begins at Island Senior Resources
By Robin Bush, Community Education Specialist, Island Senior Resources
A new Executive Director, Michele Cato, takes over the helm at Island Senior Resources on March 1, as Cheryn Weiser, Executive Director, closes her 12-years in service of the organization and our Island County communities. As Island Senior Resources completes its first 50 years of service, Michele will continue strengthening ISR’s county-wide programs and resources to support seniors, adults with disabilities, and those who care for them.
Cheryn’s leadership at Island Senior Resources has cultivated close collaborations with community members and organizations, strengthened internal leadership, and built the organization into the effective and efficient nonprofit it is today. She successfully managed through significant moments in the organization’s history. She was a voice for the organization’s essential services and the need for community financial support to supplement limited funding from government sources. She leaves the organization on solid ground for a sustainable future. Cheryn will be reinvesting her talent in ways that support community life after taking well-deserved time to connect with family and friends and enjoy her garden.
Michele lights the way forward for 2022 and beyond. She brings a diverse background in nonprofit management and improving access to services that promote health and well-being for vulnerable populations. “Michele’s deep commitment to community and her understanding of the complexities of social service will make her an excellent leader for ISR,” says Cheryn. Michele grew up in Snoqualmie and is a graduate of the University of WA. She has led programs in AIDS prevention, family planning, harm reduction, and maternal and infant health. She will be focusing on reaching more deeply into all our communities and leading the organization’s strategic priorities.
Joining Michele is Katheryn Howell, who is filling a new role at ISR to lead ISR’s programs and services. Katheryn has served the Puget Sound community for over 20 years. Katheryn will help navigate us toward further integration of programs, strengthening existing partnerships, and building new collaborations in service of the mission of Island Senior Resources to provide resources to seniors, adults with disabilities, and those who care for them.
“Cheryn has led Island Senior Resources with integrity, dedication, and determination to provide essential services to the community. We welcome Michele and Katheryn as the leaders who will move us forward to even greater heights. ISR is incredibly fortunate in bringing talent dedicated to excellence in community nonprofit leadership and management to Island County,” said June Nailon, board president.