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Value $330

Prize List

o Good Cheer Cookbook
o coupon for 3 Crab from Kevin Lundgren
o 2 potholders
o recipe holder and recipes
o dough making kit – flour, salt, yeast, douch cutter
o oats
o corn
o black beans
o nuts
o brown sugar
o coconut
o sugar
o Trader Joes gift certificate
o set of 8 gourmet spices
o set of Melamine mixing bowls
o potholder and 2 tea towels
o Vidalia Onion and Peppercorn dressing
o Country Split Pea Soup mix
o Avocado Oil
o Pesto Sauce
o Salt and chili Pepper Seasoning
o Himalayan Pink Salt
o Trader Joe’s reusable grocery bag