Monthly Food Menu

Eating well is key to a robust immune system and maintaining health and well-being

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your meals served?

Currently, all meals are available by our Meals on Wheels Program.

What does this cost me? What are the charges? What are the fees? Do you accept donations?

Eligible seniors can use the Nutrition services and offerings at no charge but we encourage donations from those that are able. These services and programs are funded largely by donations. In lieu of a fee, contributions by  clients, companies and others are welcome and greatly appreciated; however, no one eligible to use these services is turned away for an inability to donate. To learn more about donating, call 360-321-1600 or donate online.

How can I find more information about your Nutrition Program?

Click here to learn about our Nutrition Program.

Want To Help Fund Activities For Seniors? Please Donate If You Can.

Our purpose is to be here for today’s and tomorrow’s elders.  We’re helping to support you today and build a support network for your future.  Your donations make that possible.